Teascent 100 percent natural loose teas

About Teascent


At Teascent we are passionate about handmade drinks and homeware. We offer 100% natural, whole leaf, hand-picked teas that are lovingly grown by the farmers. They are available to purchase online through this website and coming soon to a few stockists.

I set up Teascent in 2011, having grown up in a tea geek family in a country obsessed with its oolong tea from the high attitude, Taiwanese mountains for as long as I can remember. After many years of searching all over the UK for a high quality, refreshing, everyday oolong tea, I only came across mass-produced imitations. The solution seemed simple: for me to do something about this trend.

Taste, quality and simplicity are what Teascent are all about. From the crisp, fresh taste of oolong tea bags to the very versatile bode A Li Shan oolong tea it is all here for you to try ­– pure teas that taste ‘clean’ and hydrate your body.

We only use 100% natural crops with no hidden ‘flavour and colour enhancers’, the trade secret to making a memorable cup of tea. You will only find health packed young tea leaves in our loose tea and tea bags. All our teas are made using a traditional production method and vacuum packed to retain maximum freshness and flavour.

Tea is best enjoyed with friends and loved ones. We have put together a list of items on the website where you can show your appreciation, as supplied by specialists or ‘handcrafted fairies’, along with our ‘Tea Brews Happiness’ campaign to promote tea drinking.

The search for the best oolong tea is very much based on personal preference; we often compare the tea selection process similar to finding your favourite wine. However, the high quality of our teas reflects the farmer ability to provide a healthy growing and nurturing environment for the tea leaves. We are also fortunate enough to be associated with tea masters (for which tea drinking is like fish to water) who can provide their expert opinions on the quality of each tea type. Our most difficult task we face is just to taste all the wonderful products we come across!

The standard of mass produced teas reflects the impurity of the teas, introduced by the addition of artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives. The tea grower often struggles to survive on low profits, and must use a large amount of pesticide to ensure good crop harvests and to minimise maintenance costs. Our approach is to only source and select the best teas we can find instead of wasting time and energy maintaining the profit margin.

Tea brews happiness; spread the joy!!

Jordan, founder

Please get in touch if you want know more about our teas or wish to try a free sample. We look forward to your custom and comments!